The Best Dry Herb Vape Pens for a Healthier High

If the vaping epidemic has you scared off the portable devices, good. As of mid-October, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has logged over 1,400 cases of lung injury and 33 deaths, all linked to the e-liquids in cigarette and cannabis vapes. The CDC has also announced most of these lung injuries are because of THC vapes, specifically. Thing is, this only applies to oil vape pens. If you want a healthier way to ingest cannabis for immediate effect (who wouldn’t?), you should convert to dry herb vape pens.

Curious how dry herb vaporizers are different? For one, smoking quality-controlled flowers circumvents all of the issues surrounding oil vape pens, namely because the harmful chemicals in the oils is most likely what’s hurting peoples’ lungs (more on that here), according to Harvard physician and cannabis medicine specialist Jordan Tishler, M.D. (For what it’s worth, edibles and tinctures are also a pretty safe way of getting high, but they’re both harder to dose correctly and take longer to kick in.). The key to a healthier draw is really temperature control, Tishler says.

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“There’s a continuum where vaporization happens around 350 degrees, and combustion begins at 400 degrees all the way up to 950 degrees, which is about where burning a joint lands.” The issue with oil vapes is they’re made to be small and portable, which means there isn’t much room for a high-tech, controllable oven.

Flower vapes, on the other hand, are a little bit bigger, so they can house more advanced and nuanced technology. Use that to your advantage: “If you put flower in a vape but set it to 450 degrees, you’re going to get the same carcinogens and overheated terpenes as you would from an oil vape,” Tishler explains. “You want to stay below that point of combustion. Nothing above 390 degrees is good for you.”

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Here’s the catch: You need better technology to score the nuanced control that allows vaping flower to be healthier for you. However, that technology comes at a much higher price—especially if you want it to be small and portable. In other words, it’s hard to find affordable, healthier vape pens that’ll run at a safe temperature, deliver both tasty puffs and good clouds, be discreet, and not break after five bowls.

So, we did the legwork—looking into which budget pens hold up and which luxe pens are actually worth the price tag. Here, seven of the best portable dry herb vape pens for every price point and priority.



1. Atmos Jump Vaporizer

Best for: minimalists  

This convection vaporizer is lightweight, small, easy to load, and easy to use. It only has one temperature—392 degrees—so even though you’re relinquishing control, you’re getting a safe inhale. The biggest downside, though, is taste. This might not matter as much to joint or bowl smokers who are used to a harsh roast, but the inhale is definitely less refined than what you’d get from more expensive devices with higher-quality ovens. For $65, though, this is a great entry-level flower vape.


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2. KandyPens K-vape Pro Vaporizer

Best for: under $100

This upgraded device hits the sweet spot of quality and price. With an adjustable temperature and hybrid convection/conduction heating system, the vape is structured to prevent combustion but still deliver a thick vapor. The glass mouthpiece makes it feel a little more luxe and comfortable, as it stays cool on your lips. The device is small, easy to hold, and delivers the most flavor you’re going to get for a device under $100.


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3. Arizer Solo II Vaporizer

Best for: big clouds

The Solo II is the king of vapes pens. The mouthpiece is kinda goofy looking (and makes it a little big for a pocket vape); but the glass pipe is also what helps deliver a smooth path (read: less back-of-throat burn) and clean, tasty vapor. In fact, the device actually comes with a short and long tube so you can control how big of a hit you’re getting. We love the digital temperature and battery display for ease of use, and the fact it delivers thick, cotton ball clouds—something hard to get from most safely-heated pens.


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4. Linx Eden

Best for: affordable dual-use

This is one of the best-constructed vapes of its price category, especially considering you can change between burning flower or extracts. The Eden has a unique quartz oven which, when paired with its convection heating and four temperature settings, delivers a pretty pure and non-plastic-y vapor. Linx also makes some interesting compatible accessories, like a water pipe to add to the mouthpiece. The sleek metal casing and pen design keep this puppy discrete, too.


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Best for: small bowls 

The MIQRO has all the tech and power of DAVINCI’s much-loved IQ, but in a package about two-thirds the size—no bigger than a Zippo. It draws well and delivers crisp wisps. The main difference is the smaller bowl of the MIQRO, which makes it great for micro-dosing or light vaping. You’ll have to charge it fairly often (the battery only lasts for about 30 continuous minutes), but we love the adjustable temperature settings and that the device delivers good flavor through to the last puff.


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6. PAX 3

Best for: a worthy splurge

The PAX 3 is the Bentley of portable vape pens. By far one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs, this flower-and-concentrate vape is sleek, small, uber-discrete, and delivers deliciously toasted puffs. With multiple temperature options between 360 and 420 degrees (controlled conveniently via the PAX app), the device takes about 10 to 15 seconds to heat up and offers roughly 30 draws in a session. The buttonless design is surprisingly intuitive, and it has an interesting lip-sense function in the mouthpiece that helps control heating and cooling for an optimal burn. This isn’t for guys who want huge clouds of smoke, but more of a fly-under-the-radar experience. It’ll set you back a pretty penny (and it’s not even the most expensive option out there); but if you want a tasty, efficient burn in a bowl that you don’t have to re-pack constantly, all wrapped up in a pretty package, the price is worth it.


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7. Storz & Bickel MIGHTY

Best for: a quality overall experience 

True stoners who don’t want to make compromises (even for the sake of their health) will be mighty happy with this one. Riffing off the next-level technology of Storz & Bickel’s Crafty, the beloved (but much bigger) brother, the MIGHTY is a seriously powerful vape in a pocket-size package. With a high-powered oven and precise temperature control, it delivers huge, dense clouds full of flavor—and does so consistently, which is hard to come by with most pens. The all-plastic design does make it feel a little cheap considering the price, but overall the device is rather intuitive to use and offers a pretty effortless draw, making it a real treat for those new to vaping. Plus, its 1.5-hour battery life is seemingly endless. If you can get past the aesthetics, this device rarely disappoints.


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